Boerboel Puppies in East Rand (13/07/2019)

Boerboel, East Rand

Brindle and Light Brown Boer Boel cross Ridge-back puppies, five weeks old, de-wormed.
Very attentive, intelligent and playful, good breed for kids.
Birth date 2 June 2019

3 x Brindle Males
2 x Brindle Females
2 x Light Brown Males

Freeway Park, Boksburg, *removed*

More About Boerboels

Boerboel puppies are gorgeous when little but big and expensive when fully grown.

This is not a dog you want to get if you won’t be training it. Also, don’t get this dog if you expect your kids to do all the training. Kids love dogs on laps, in the house and so on. When this gorgeous specimen is fully grown, you do NOT want him on your lap when HE decides. It should be by invitation only.

The other thing to consider is that these dogs needs SPACE to roam around in and lots of food. So you need a decent budget for your housing and food.

Yes they’re beautiful dogs and great for protection but they also have needs you should take into account.

Boerboel Rescue

Sometimes Boerboels get abandoned by nincompoops. And sometimes they get rescued by organisations dedicated to rescuing these specific, majestic beasts of love.

Your perfect companion could be waiting for you here:

And if you can’t find one there, check your local SPCA for similar breeds. Don’t miss an oppportunity to have the most wonderful dog you can imagine just because he’s not a purebred pup. Mutts need love too 😉

Boerboel Puppies in East Rand (13/07/2019)