Jack Russell Puppies in Johannesburg (07/05/2019)

Jack Russell, Johannesburg

Lisa is an 8 month old Jack Russell cross with a very sweet temperament. She is spayed and dewormed and all vacs are up to date. She seeks a new home because I have been relocated with work and sadly can’t take her with me.

She would like to stay with her brother, Pringle, who is 2.5 year old American Staffie (Amstaff) because they have a close bond. He is neutered and dewormed and all vacs up to date.

Both dogs are good with children, cats (they do chase them but harmlessly) and love other dogs. *removed*.

More About Jack Russells

Jack Russell puppies are highly intelligent, fearless and absolutely nothing gets past them. They make perfect pets for a young family. They thrive on attention and can play all day long. They are quick to learn, but need to be handled firmly. They are cheerful little dogs but can become moody if they feel they are being ignored.

They are not the type of dog that can be left on their own. They quickly become bored which leads to mischief!

Jack Russells have all the traits of a terrier which include excessive barking, willfulness, dog aggression, possessiveness and jealousy. Proper training at an early age will help a lot.
They love to run and if you have a park or a beach nearby where you can throw a ball for them, you’ll be their hero! They can chase a ball all day long.

Jack Russells in Johannesburg

Jack Russells love to run and bark and jump and play. They have (almost) endless energy. So if you’re going to leave your furry babies at home while you go to work, expect complaints from neighbours. Especially if you live in a typical Johannesburg complex or apartment building.

Jack Russells are great dogs for the Johannesburg lifestyle as they’re small which means they can live almost anywhere. You still should give them plenty of exercise, though, as they really need it and will misbehave like mad if they’re not getting it.

Jack Russell Puppies in Johannesburg (07/05/2019)