Pitbull Puppies in Pretoria (02/06/2021)

Pitbull, Pretoria

Here is the information on what the puppies will have done b 4 going to their new homes:

Herewith the syllabus for the puppies:
Puppy certificate issued from K9 Close Protection & Tactical for the puppy completing the following @ 8 weeks: sit, down, stand, stay, look, leave, retrieve, heel.
Owner is given an individual lesson with his/her puppy on how the above is achieved to follow through & continue to build on this platform if wishing to do so.
Puppy will be dewormed, vaccinated & microchipped.
The puppy is exposed to the following during the 1st 8 weeks: socialisation, food management, introductory to desensitization, puppy & child interaction, exposure to different feels of surfaces & use to collar & slip chain.

There is a puppy hamper.

Cost of a puppy is R5 000.00. A deposit is required to book your puppy.
Videos & photos of both parents interacting & working are available.

A contract is signed for the purpose of: should the owner, for whatever reason or circumstance – irrespective of age, no longer be able to look after or keep the dog, that he or she is returned to me.

1 x seal bitch
1 x blue & white male
3 x seal males

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Pitbull Puppies in Pretoria (02/06/2021)