Staffie Puppies in Cape Town (28/03/2022)

Cape Town, Staffie

Staffordshire Bull Puppies for Sale
Staffy are great companion dogs. They are friendly and outgoing with a spunky attitude and their intelligence makes them easy to train. This breed are muscular making it a good choice for families with children. They are large enough to run and play in the back yard while still being small enough to do well in apartments and condos with short daily walks. All my puppies are well socialized and very active.

More About Staffies

Staffie puppies are rambunctious little blocks of cement that will mow you right over while smiling the biggest, most gorgeous smile you’ve ever seen on 4 legs.

They’re big and bulky enough to be called “real dogs” and small enough to be allowed in most complexes without an issue.

But beware, these crazy little guys can JUMP! If your wall isn’t particularly tall, expect to find your baby roaming around the streets when you get home.

The Staffie is the perfect Pitbull alternative for when you don’t have space for the real deal. Plus they come with almost none of the bad reputation the Pitbulls (sadly) get.

Staffie Rescue

Sometimes Staffies get abandoned by nincompoops. And sometimes they get rescued by organisations dedicated to rescuing these gorgeous little blocks of cement.

Your perfect companion could be waiting for you here:

And if you can’t find one there, check your local SPCA for similar breeds. Don’t miss the oppportunity to have the most wonderful dog you can imagine just because he’s not a purebred pup. Mutts need love too 😉

Staffie Puppies in Cape Town (28/03/2022)